The Map

Each pin below represents the exact locations of 108 wind turbines, each 513 feet tall. More information after the map below.

On January 25, Duke Energy asked the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to construct one hundred and eightwind turbines, each 513 feet tall, throughout our region. The enclosed maps (which can also be found online at contain markings showing the exact geographic coordinates of each proposed wind turbine, as submitted by Duke. We know many of these landowners have signed leases with Duke, but there are many other locations for which permits were requested where Duke has not obtained permission from landowners, or where its offers have been rejected. When these locations became public, a Duke spokesman told Interlochen Public Radio that they were “totally inaccurate”. The very next day when it was pointed out that the data was posted on a publically available government website, Duke admitted the locations were accurate. Once you see what Duke is planning to do to the landscape, we believe that you will be, as we were, even more opposed to this project.