Organizations concerned about wind energy

Wind Action

National Wind Watch

Links to Wind Turbine Zoning Ordinances in other Communities

Centerville Township, Leelanau County, Michigan

Wind Ordinances in Wisconsin

Other Local Groups

Citizens for Responsible Wind (Blaine Township, MI – Just north of Arcadia)



Badgers for a Better Renewable Energy Plan (Wisconsin)

Save Reading – Reading, Michigan



Save our Sherman – Sherman Twp,

Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition

Health Effects of Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Syndrome, a report on the health effects of WindTurbines written by Nina Pierpont, M.D., Ph.D.

Kirby Mountain Wind Syndrome

A Problem with the Wind by Eric Rosenblum

Environmental/Ecological Effects of Wind Turbines

American Bird Society

Wind Power Effects on the Bird Population

Black Swamp Bird Observatory

Affects on Birds by Ted Eubanks

Testimonials about Life with Wind Power

Our Life with Dekalb Turbines

Wind Turbine Syndrome

International Groups

Country Guardian, UK

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