Joyfield Township Adopts Utility-Grade Wind Moratorium

Tonight the new Joyfield Township Board met for the first time since the February 28 Special Election.

At the meeting, the Board passed a one-year moratorium on the construction of utility-grade wind turbines in the township. The Board also voted to create a planning commission. (Joyfield township has not previously had planning or zoning since zoning was disestablished by Benzie County.) Finally, the Board voted to join the collaborative master planning initiative along with other townships in Benzie and Manistee Counties, including Crystal Lake, Gilmore, Blaine, Arcadia, Pleasanton, Bear Lake, Onekama, and Honor.

This means that all of the townships in the footprint of Duke Energy’s previously proposed Gail Windpower project have moratoriums or other similar measures in effect and are all pursuing protective planning and zoning measures.

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